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4th edition of A Tempo – Arts & Formation

Inaugurates the 4th season of the project A Tempo – Arts and Training of the La Ciutat Invisible Foundation and High Season, with the commitment to accompany the scenario of uncertainty surrounding the current school year. The project includes two types of actions: vocational training in the field of artistic pedagogies and activities aimed at young people and children, who have adapted to the current situation by guaranteeing security measures and offering digital alternatives. As a novelty, the training itinerary is presented: Arts to educate in uncertainty, with semi-face-to-face days and virtual meetings where you can reflect on the learnings that the experience of confinement has become a priority for any transformative educational project.

At the same time, in the line of activities, and coinciding with Temporada Alta 2020, the II Dramaturgy Tournament for Institutes will be held with the participation of the Salvador Sunyer and Aimeric (Salto), Salvador Espriu (Salto), Jaume Vicens Vives (Girona) institutes and the FEDAC San Narciso school (Girona), and incorporating the possibility of following the final of the tournament by streaming. The project also bets on continuing to bring the theater closer to the schools with High Season in the Classroom from six shows with pedagogical content, two of which are novelty

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