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Banco Sabadell Volunteering

Banco Sabadells commitment to its Foundation also involves the contribution of its professionals to the social impact programmes we promote.  

Our volunteers

I couldnt pass up an opportunity like this to be a mentor; young people are not afraid and, contrary to what is said about their generation, that they are apathetic and dont want to do anything, here the opposite has been proven to be true. 

Judith Hernández
HR technician at Banco Sabadell and Hackathon volunteer: Art and Social Impact

Its a very enriching experience, I leave with a great feeling of having collaborated and contributed a great deal. The entity I have been assigned to is a fantastic project and I think I will continue to work with them outside the programme. Im already looking forward to doing it again.”  

Arianna Tregón
Director of Digital Strategy & Capacity and B-Value programme co-volunteer

Its been a very interesting challenge, one where both of us have grown and where, through active listening and observation, we have identified areas of improvement and motivation for my young assignee to develop his own resources to attain self-motivation and enthusiasm 

María José Martínez
Commercial and service manager and volunteer of the Coach Project

What made a big impression on me was bringing them that independent vision, that value of what you do in the business world, bringing it to a social institution and helping them to bring their project to maturity. 

Victoria Climent
Director of Governance, IT Risk and Business Continuity, and B-Value Programme Volunteer

Being able to help, guide and bring our experience to university students so that they can get a taste of the real professional world is very important for us.”  

Miguel Ángel Soriano
Demand methodology team and project management at the Centro de Competencias Tecnológico de Alicante – Technological Competences Centre (CCTA), volunteer in the mentoring and talent management programme with the University of Alicante

I have been involved in the Foundations programmes as a mentor for years; I was told about this hackathon, which brings together impact, creativity and youth, and I jumped at the chance. My interactions with the young people here have been full of keenness, creativity, listening and freshness; I am learning from them.  

Gonzalo Ortiz
Director of Organisation and People Development of the Eastern Region and Hackathon volunteer: Art and Social Impact

Working hand in hand with the Banco Sabadell Foundation, which has very strong principles regarding youth and culture, remains a major plus when it comes to Corporate Volunteering. I think its very important.”  

María José Berzosa
Technician in the Applied Systematics Department, volunteer in the Future Challenge Programme.
We add value

The professionals who volunteer in our social impact programmes receive prior In your shoes training that helps them in their participation and trains them in their charitable work. Banco Sabadell volunteers mentor the people who take part in our programmes by sharing their knowledge, experience and track record.