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The Foundation was set up as a private foundation in 1994 with the aim of promoting dissemination, training and research activities in educational, scientific and cultural fields, as well as fostering and supporting young talent.   Since then, we have been working to build a more critical, fairer and more inclusive society through actions and initiatives that focus on supporting culture and the arts, research and education, with special emphasis on young talent and stimulating creativity, knowledge and innovation. 



Our aim is to act as a catalyst for change, not only by supporting projects that demonstrate an immediate result, but by investing in innovative initiatives with the potential for significant and scalable impact. Through our work we want to inspire others to join us in this transformational mission, creating an effect of positive change that extends beyond our immediate sphere of influence. 


We believe in the transformational power of culture and talent as the cornerstones of a society in progress. We strive to be a model and an agent of change and innovation, at the service of the common good and social cohesion, through the promotion of excellence, creativity and innovation, with a special interest in fostering young talent. 


We believe that proximity is the appropriate way to act on our commitment.


We promote the excellence that comes from talent, hard work and equal opportunities.


We encourage innovation, understood as the capacity to interpret the present in order to anticipate the future, an attitude that is needed in all areas.


We use our capabilities and networks to promote ecosystems and projects, fostering the exchange of knowledge between institutions and disciplines.


We promote creativity as a tool for expression, inspiration and adaptation to a changing environment.

Respect for diversity

Every individual is unique, and we recognise this by fostering inclusion, thus contributing to a fairer and more equal society.

Fields of action
Culture and the Arts

We think of culture and the arts as engines of transformation, driving innovation and creativity, through the co-creation of projects and the promotion of young talent.  

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Research and Education

We support research and education through the creation of opportunities and the promotion of training with the aim of advancing society and building a better future.

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