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Research and Education

We support research and education by creating opportunities and initiatives that encourage the training and promotion of young talent, with the aim of advancing and positively impacting society.  

We promote Research and Education

We make a positive impact on society’s future and its capacity to find solutions to the most complex and urgent challenges.

We contribute to promoting the region’s growth and increasing productivity, creativity and innovation.

We create learning opportunities and promote people’s talents to facilitate their access to the job market. 

Discover some of our activities

We support social entities to help them drive their projects forward from a strategic perspective and to develop their leadership skills.

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Seminar by the Aspen Institute España at Vigo University

By reading classical and contemporary texts and with help from two moderators, 20 students reflected on the values that guide our personal and professional decisions and our contributions to the common good.

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Every year, Spain’s first young talent accelerator selects 10 young individuals with exceptional talent to equip them with the necessary tools to help them unlock their full potential.

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