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Leadership, impact, transformation. We open the application process for the 7th Edition of B-Value

B-Value is a social innovation programme aimed at leaders in the third sector who work in non-profit organisations based in Spain, to help them develop their projects with a strategic and innovative vision in mind, and to design new income-generating models that enable them to deliver on their value proposition and that differ from traditional philanthropic schemes.

The programme is promoted by the Ship2B Foundation and the Banco Sabadell Foundation and is co-promoted by the Juan Entrecanales de Azcárate Foundation. It also has the support of Sabadell Seguros, PWC, After, the ONCE Foundation and the Joaquim Molins Figueras Foundation as strategic partners, as well as the Hazloposible Foundation, Salto con Red, the Spanish Association of Foundations, Lealtad Foundation and the Catalan Coordinator of Foundations as collaborating institutions.

In the previous edition, 87% of participants of the first phase, which has the involvement of all the institutions selected, saw their expectations surpassed. Furthermore, the institutions had the opportunity to go through their projects with 42 mentors from Banco Sabadell’s management through various reflection activities. These mentorships with our corporate volunteers were rated by participants with an 8.88 out of 10.

In the second phase, which includes the finalists, the main event is the Bootcamp, which offers more than 45 training hours through workshops and experiences. In its sixth edition, B-Value’s Bootcamp mobilised over 100 people, including 23 speakers and 47 expert mentors. The finalist institutions rated their experience at B-Value’s Bootcamp with an average of 9.8 out of 10. And, all of them recommended the programme.

Javier Días, General Coordinator at A+Familias, finalist and one of the award-winning entities of the sixth edition, explains that the organisations that are considering applying for the programme “should not hesitate to apply. They should overcome their reluctance and the burden of their day-to-day activities and get involved, because when they do, the benefits are much more than you expect”.

When asking Urgell Escribà, Manager at Integra Pirineus Foundation, what the most noteworthy aspect of B-Value is, she has a clear answer: “Having transformed our project Donem vida al Bosc in a well-defined product, as well as the identification of the channels to reach large companies to create alliances and, in this way, to continue working on the continuity of the Pyrenean forests in a sustainable way”.

If you are also part of a project, for which you want to develop its strategic vision, deliver on its value proposition and design new income-generating models, you have until 19 February to submit your application.