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40 social institutions have participated in the prime edition of B-Value, the social innovation programme.

40 social institutions from all over Spain have participated in the first edition of the social innovation programme B-Value. During 10 months, the organisations have received training and mentoring from different professionals who have helped them to rethink their projects and professionalise their value proposal. Furthermore, the 10 finalist institutions have received economic aid from the Foundation during the Demo Day, when they presented their projects, events which were held in Barcelona and Madrid.

During the programme, B-Value has received support from 100 mentors specialising in different sectors. These mentors have helped the institutions define their proposals, business models with a social impact, to improve their communication and establish strategic alliances, being able to evolve towards new models of sustainability. All of this has been carried out through online, yet also face to face, training, with workshops and individual mentoring.


More information about the finalist institutions

Fundación Capacis, with their project ‘Tejados verdes’. Their project is designed to create innovative employment for young people with intellectual disabilities, as well as for other groups who are at risk of exclusion, thus achieving a twofold impact, revitalising spaces and people.

Fundación Quiero Trabajo, offers women help and support in their search for employment.

Esclatec, has developed a walking-caddy to improve the mobility and autonomy of the elderly,or persons with any type of physical impairment or difficulty

Fundación Tomillo, with the initiative ‘Los Fogones de Tomillo’ which is a social catering service that offers young people at the risk of social exclusion, or young people from vulnerable environments, an opportunity to work, as well as offering them training in catering.

APES, with its project ‘Detectives sociales’ trains pupils in social skills through a challenge, the priority of which is to make the community more sensitive to the importance of social prevention.

Fundación Pere Tarrés, with ‘Artistem project’ offers artistic visual, scenic, music or literary experiences based on creative teaching-learning experiences which stimulate an interest in technology, science, engineering and mathematics, with the objective of transforming people, encouraging individual and group talent.

Fundación Balia por la Infancia, with its project ‘Aprendiendo con las TIC’s, integrating the TICs as an educational tool within their programmes to drive the academic, social and personal learning of young people at risk.

Fundación Exit, with ‘eDuo’ to fight against early drop outs, involving the company in the training process for young people, with the objective of reducing the dropout rate in the intermediate vocational training cycles. To do so, offering the students the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of the company, and the employment and development opportunities, is fundamental.

Videojuegos Sin Fronteras, present ‘One World a Million Stories’, an app with interactive, educational and stories of solidarity approved by UNESCO which, aimed at families. The aim of the stories is to educate young children..

Lastly, Fundación Ludalia, which promotes leisure activities as a means of training and inclusion in society for persons with an intellectual disability. They have decided to rethink their project from scratch, which is why they have been offered the opportunity to participate in the next round of B-Value 2018, which will kick off at the beginning of November.