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#YoCreoTalento – ‘Be Innovation Campus’ at ValenciaLAB and second week of the march for social inclusion with Transpirenaica Social Solidaria

Business and talent through innovation at “Be Innovation Campus”

ValenciaLAB is hosting the first ‘Be Innovation Campus’ from 2nd-6th July with the aim of getting to know the needs of different businesses through innovation. The campus combines training experiences with an open innovation process where companies and talented persons can join in to solve challenges, developing their professional innovation skills.


Second week of Transpirenaica Social Solidaria

Young people and volunteers continue marching for social inclusion through Transpirenaica Social Solidaria, an educational project for integration and awareness for social inclusion, walking through the Pyrenees.

During the second week of the march, through Huesca, they have visited various socially oriented companies to share their experiences. More young persons have joined the march and shall continue marching until 6th July, when they will arrive in Catalonia. Through this experience, young people, teachers, professionals and companies open up the door to other realities and develop values such as comradeship, team work and leadership whilst they enjoy an unforgettable experience.