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We are Banco Sabadell Foundation

Back in 1994, when Banco Sabadell decided to set up its Foundation, it did so with a single goal in mind: to promote culture and support talent.

As a Foundation, we are an expression of a commitment to the development and wellbeing of people and we are driven by our desire to build a fairer, more open and inclusive society, capable of taking on today’s challenges.

Today, we want to share with you a sample of the things we do by taking you on a visual journey that reveals the different activities and collaborative initiatives that we carry out and that demonstrates our purpose. Because we recognise the role of culture as a tool that generates social value, progress and transformation; and we promote talent, particularly young talent, built on effort and the development of individual and collective capabilities.

We believe in people and in their sensitivity towards each other as a collective. People from the organisations with which we collaborate in different parts of Spain, and people from the Bank itself who get involved as volunteers in the social impact programmes that we promote.

This video has a little bit of everything and we hope that it will bring you closer to our Foundation.

We are Banco Sabadell Foundation