Experience photography at UtopiaMarkets Photo this weekend in Barcelona.

From March 24th-26th, the second photography market is being held in Barcelona. You can discover, browse, chat to and purchase material directly from the photographers of quality pictures.

For the second consecutive year, UtopiaMarkets Photo is being held at Utopia126, a modernist factory which has been transformed into a unique space in the Poblenou neighbourhood in Barcelona. During these three days, photographers, renowned and emerging artists, and professionals from the photography sector will all be attending. The market makes it possible for visitors to purchase quality photographs directly from the authors, an opportunity which will also enable them to meet new talent and find products related to the world of photography.


This year’s participants include Manuel Esclusa, Jordi Bernadó and Francesc Fàbregasm, who are all back for another year, and will be selling their works together with photographers such as César Lucadamnos, Luis Reina and Clara Sopeña. Furthermore, UtopiaMarkets is also offering different activities such as conferences, workshops or screenings.