See and understand photojournalism…World Press Photo 16 arrives in Barcelona

For another year, Fundación Photographic Social Vision is bringing to Barcelona, with the collaboration of Banco Sabadell Foundation, the best of photojournalism with the international World Press Photo competition , an exhibition which can be visited at Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona (CCCB). It is an exhibition which will open up a debate on the value and the challenges of photojournalism.

Apart from the photographs, the Multimedia Competition awards will also be exhibited, thus broadening the scope of the content of the exhibition, thanks to interviews with the winners, members of the panel and an open screening of the winning films.

© Sergey Ponomarev - Reporting Europe's Refugee Crisis

© Sergey Ponomarev – Reporting Europe’s Refugee Crisis

Amongst the new features of this edition, the following stand out: the participation of Lars Boering, director of the Dutch World Press Photo foundation, in the opening act (Wednesday 10 November at 19h); and the screening of the winning works in the category of feature films of the Multimedia Competition, which can be watched in an open screening attended by the winners of the second prize José Bautista y Mikel Aristregi.

Parallel activities

Barcelona stands out from the rest of the cities that are hosting the World Press Photo thanks to the work of the Photographic Social Vision to delve further into the content of the exhibition by hosting parallel activities and converting it into an all-round experience which will lead to debates on the photography sector, and to discussions of the themes and winning projects of the most important photojournalism competition in the world. Activities such as, for example:

Guided tours: every Wednesday at 18:30h it is possible to visit the exhibition, guided by a photography analysis expert.

Workshop ‘Mundos móviles’[Mobile worlds]: on Friday 18 November from 12.00-14-00, to further discuss the themes of the winning image by Warren Richardson on the migratory phenomenon of the refugee crisis. This workshop aims to reflect on the widespread and huge printed media coverage of this crisis, and how these events have been communicated through daily channels and in depth reports will be analysed.

A solas con World Press Photo [Alone with World Press Photo]: private guided visits for companies and institutions, for groups of 10-40 people.

Master class with Mikel Aristregi and José Bautista: Wednesday 23 November from 12.00-14.00. Technical aspects (photographs, video, sound and music) will be analysed, as well as conceptual and work narratives- The importance of artistic collaboration in favour of excellence and quality will also be discussed as well as work methodology.

Screening of the winning films: Wednesday 23 November at 19h. Session for the projection of the winning audiovisual content in the film category of the Multimedia Competition The Surrender (first prize) on the history of South Korea Stephen Kim, who emigrated to the United States as a child was accused of being a spy in 2010 for filtering classified information; Break In (second prize) a documentary about the life of Pich, a Cambodian boy aged 11 who is addicted to glue and meth, and who is eventually checked into a NGO rehabilitation centre “Our Home”, from where he escapes one year later; and A Year in Space (third prize), on the experience of the astronaut Scott Killy who spent a record time of one year in a space station, as part of the ambitious project to show whether the human dream of travelling to Mars is possible