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Talent accelerator and support for artistic research: don’t miss these calls for applications this October

We believe that supporting young talent is a force for change and, that is why, the Banco Sabadell Foundation works with projects that promote training and academic excellence and that are aligned with our vision. Initiatives that support talent, stimulate creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The application process for two of the programmes with which we collaborate and that focus on talent and artistic research closes this month:


Eight Banco Sabadell Foundation Scholarship for Artistic Research – Hangar

Applications now being accepted until 20 October

This application process is open to artists and researchers in any field and is aimed at developing an artistic research project, either under the umbrella of a PhD dissertation or developed outside the academic environment. The scholarships seeks to create a unique research environment in which traditional academic methodologies coalesce with artistic methodologies. Furthermore, it aims to encourage experimentation in the field of artistic research and the critical exploration of its habits, provide the resources necessary to conduct projects in this field, contribute to the notion of artistic knowledge and promote its documentation, publication and dissemination.


9th Edition of the Celera Programme, young talent accelerator

Applications now being accepted until 23 October

Celera is the first talent accelerator in Spain focused on people. The programme selects the most talented young people in Spain and provides them with the tools necessary to help them enhance their personal and professional skills. Celera’s aim is to highlight our country’s talent by offering them the opportunities they need in Spain and thus create role models that contribute to improving our society. The programme selects 10 young people and is three years long. During this period, participants work on their socio-emotional skills and relational capital is promoted through mentors and trainers.