In the evening. Open-air projections at PHotoEspaña

This Saturday, 10th June, from 22:00 the Real Jardín Botánico in Madrid will be transformed into an exhibition space with light shows and photographic surveys ‘In the evening. Open-air projections’ which form part of the photography festival PHotoEspaña. The following four artists will participate in the presentation of illuminated projections and photographic surveys: Jon Cazenave, José Bautista, Blanca Regina and Eva Davidova. The objective is to give visibility to photography and visual arts, in a format which is accessible to everybody.

Until 28 August there will be one hundred exhibitions at this festival, in which the work of up to 514 artits will be displayed.

More information about the projections

BIG DATA- José Bautista. Multi-channel sound installation accompanied by a visual projection and adapted for a public space. The project makes references to the etymology of the word which gives it its name in relation to the immense quantity of information which a structured system would not be capable of processing, and is thus obliged to find repetitive patterns in order to be able to analyse them.

Birds Birth- Eva Davidova. This is a visceral portrayal of the position of man in a context of ecological disaster, cruelty and extinction. Davidova moves this position out towards the uterus in order to establish a physical connection between ourselves and the atrocities which we are creating, collapsing the distance between our actions and consequences.

Amazon Blueprint- Blanca Regina. Multi-channel installation and specific in-site person. The presentation of this installation will take place near the bench of the sculptor Frederic Marès at the Real Jardín Botánico in Madrid. It investigates sculptures, space, identity and language, through light, image and sound. The installation is inspired by the classic myth of the amazon, nature, and modernist forms created through multimedia.

Filira- Jon Cazenave. Every now and again Cronos lay with her in the form of a horse in order not be caught by surprise by his wife, Rea. Filira fell pregnant whilst running away to the Pelasgo mountains, and gave birth to a centaur (a creature which is half man, half horse) called Quirón. She was so upset to have given birth to a monster that she asked Zeus to transform her into a plant. Zeus agreed, and she was metamorphosed into a lime tree.