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PhotoEspaña analyses Europe through 330 authors in 94 exhibitions

The PhotoEspaña Festival opens its doors in an edition that offers a panoramic view of photography on the European continent. 330 authors are taking part in the Festival, with 94 exhibitions and 16 programmes and activities across 46 international and national locations. Artists taking part in the individual works category include Bernard Plossu, Lucia Moholy, Shirley Baker, Carlos Saura, Juana Biarnés, Miroslav Tichy, Cristina de Middel, Linarejos Moreno and Vivian Maier; artists in the collective works category include Anders Peteren, Thomas Ruff, Juergen Teller, Anton Corbijn, Clare Strand and Chris Steele-Perkins. You can view the full programme of all the exhibitions here.

This year, Segovia and Murcia will take part in the Festival for the first time, joining Madrid, Alcalá de Henares, Alcobendas, Lanzarote and Zaragoza. En Europe, museums and festivals taking part in PhotoEspaña are located in Bratislava, Chalon Sur Saône, Dublin, Istanbul, Helsinki, London, Moscow, Paris, Riga, Rotterdam and Warsaw.

Vivian Maier - Autorretrato
Vivian Maier – Autorretrato

In the night. Open-air projections by PhotoEspaña-Banco Sabadell Foundation

The Banco Sabadell Foundation and PhotoEspaña invite four visual artists to carry out several works for this programme, which presents a series of works projected on unusual supports located at several different points in Madrid.

Trees, façades of buildings and urban structures form some of the Festival’s most emblematic places that become open-air exhibition sites, providing the invited public and chance visitors with a stunning gallery of images. This year’s projections will include:

-2 June in the Royal Botanical Gardens: Julien Nonnon reveals a sample of his work, which is essentially articulated around interaction with architecture and urban elements through his ‘urban safaris’, His humanised wild animals give us unique images in the night in Madrid.

-3 June in the Conde Duque Cultural Centre: Daniel Canogar presents an interactive projection following the guidelines of video-installation and public intervention with one of his ‘asaltos’. During the Festival he will show a piece that is the result of a participative performance, which gives way to a dynamic video animation in various forms.

-4 June in the Matadero Madrid: Javier Riera explores the relationships between nature and geometry through light interventions on the landscape and buildings. On this occasion, his deer, which are projected on surfaces in a surprisingly natural way, are reminiscent of when primitive man painted animals on cave walls.

-5 June in the National Library: Louise Mackenzie shows her interest in living matter and in relationships with the environment through a work that is based on the creating of installations, sculptures, performances, sounds and projections, based on organic and residual elements from the spaces in which she then works.