‘Leer es ver más allá de las páginas’ (reading is much more than just turning pages), the Seville Book Fair kicks off

The Seville Book Fair 2017 kicks off with a diverse schedule of activities, with more than 200 activities, including presentations, round table discussions, shows and storytelling for children, exhibitions, concerts and workshops apt for all types of readers. These activities seek to provide a critical and construction take on reading. Under the slogan ‘Leer es ver más allá de las páginas’ (reading is much more than just turning pages) the most noteworthy authors in Spanish literature will be participating in the book fair, in combination with all of the planned activities, the aim is to encourage people to read.

At the Foundation, we are collaborating with the schedule of activties, as well as with one of the central acts of the José Manuel Lara Foundation, in their tribute to Miguel Hernández on the 85th anniversary of his death. The singer Carmen Linares, the actor José Sacristán and the writer José Luis Ferris will all be attending this tribute to Miguel Hernández, which will take place on May 25th at 21:00h.

New to this year’s edition, and in line with the theme of this year’s edition, the following activities will be taking place ‘Lectura de guerilla’ with the objective of raising awareness of the importance of reading, defending and advocating the benefits of reading in society and mobilising people so that they can contribute to this cause.