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Josep Oliu has awarded the XI Banco Sabadell award for Biomedical Research to Dr. Nuria López Bigas

The awards ceremony, which was held at Banco Sabadell’s corporate centre in Sant Cugat del Vallès was assisted by previous award winners, members of the jury, institutional representatives, important figures of the medical, scientific and research community, as well as universities throughout Spain and investors who are interested in research projects. In this eleventh edition a total of 53 candidates applied, with profiles ranging from basic, clinical and epidemiological research.


11 years of the Biomedical Research Award

The Banco Sabadell Foundation award for Biomedical Research has reached its XI edition, growing larger each year and cementing its national and international recognition. The aim of this award is to reward the trajectory of a young scientist who has developed her career in Spain, and has promising future prospects. The €50,000 prize is recognised in the academic environment as one of the most important awards conceded in Spain in the field of health sciences.

More information about Dr. Nuria López-Bigas

Dr. López-Bigas has a degree in Biology from the University of Barcelona. She is currently working as a research professor at Fundación ICREA at the Pompeu Fabra University, where she has her own laboratory dedicated to the investigation of cancer genomes. The work carried out in Dr. López-Bigas’ laboratory has been pioneer in the development of computational methods to identify genomic alterations present in the mechanisms of cancer. In collaboration with the main international consortiums the group has analysed the genomes of thousands of tumours to create a catalogue of genes directly responsible for the most common types of cancer, thus contributing to a greater understanding of the biology of the illness. These genes join the DNA, interfering in the cellular reparation processes, leading to the accumulation of mutations in these areas of the genome.