Espai 13 ‘Gira tot gira’ cycle with ‘Vis’, Julia Spínola’s exhibition

Today September 25th, the exhibition ‘VIS’ by the artist Júlia Spínola opens. ‘Gira tot gira’ is the series of exhibitions of the Espai 13 of the Fundació Joan Miró for the 2019-2021 season. The project examines and implements the idea of strangeness, proposing a rereading of the
our immediate environment and how we relate to it. Barcelona, 25 September 2020. Julia Spínola’s work is mainly in the field of sculpture and drawing. His artistic research invites us to review some of the certainties that govern the field of experience, while proposing a particular articulation of the spaces in which it is inserted.

His project for the Gira tot Gira exhibition series proposes an installation that points to the difficulty of fixing objects in space and the instability of the images. In its proposal, the
gaze is the key to a framework of experience in which meanings are erased and in which the observer is once again aware of his presence in the perceptual process. Click here for further information.