‘Escribir el pasado’, the 4th edition of the MOT Girona-Olot festival kicks off.

The fourth edition of the MOT Festival kicks off today, with the objective of exploring and reflecting on the use of the past in contemporary literature through several different points of view and diverse literary genres, from novels to theatre, graphic novels, crime and historic novels.

During the festival, which will be celebrated in Olot from the 23rd-25th March, and in Girona from the 30th March-1st April, a fortnight of literary conversations (all with free entry) will be held. This is in addition to various literary shows and other family friendly street acts, as well as performances at La Carbonera in Olot and the Carles Rahola library in Girona.

There will be a total of 42 authors, eight of which come from the international literary stage. Patric Deville, Kenizé Mourad, Joan Daniel Bezsonoff, Mathias Enard, Varlerio Massimo Manfredi, Evelio Roser, Leonard Padura, Edward Tutherfurd and Salem Zenia.