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Banco Sabadell employees will put themselves ‘in your shoes’ with the B-Value social entities

This year we have launched the programme ‘In your shoes’, designed with Banco Sabadell employees in mind, who will volunteer as mentors in the social entities of B-Value, a social innovation programme that we are supporting and which aims to help them become models of professionalism and sustainability through training, workshops, mentoring and more, in order to define or ‘rethink’ their proposals and design business models with a positive social impact.

The mentors have figuratively put themselves ‘in your shoes’, visiting two entities taking part in the programme, getting to know their day-to-day activities, their history, past experiences and becoming another member of the team within the organisation, working hand in hand with its staff. This was the case during the visit to the Capacis Foundation, one of the finalists in the first edition, where mentors in Madrid shared a day with the Foundation’s workers, getting to know what they do and working in vertical gardens. This helped them familiarise themselves with this reality and put themselves in their place to better understand their situation and, particularly, the amazing work that social entities like these do every day. Another visit was to the Esclatec Foundation, where they also worked together the youths who work in this entity every day.

With these events, we have managed to raise awareness about the third sector among Banco Sabadell’s volunteer mentors.