The BODEGA project – Banco Sabadell Foundation Award for Innovation in Architecture

The Banco Sabadell Foundation Award for Innovation in Architecture, called as part of the International Architecture Exhibition of the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Catalunya (COAC), was given to the BODEGA project, directed and coordinated by Edouard Cabay, Carles Sala and Relja Ferusic. The three architects trained at ETSAB and the Architectural Association in London.

This award recognises the work of architects who focus on providing innovative and ground-breaking projects to provide new solutions, proposals, systems and processes. In the case of BODEGA, the project involves linking the needs of the world of wine in Catalonia to the possibilities offered by contemporary architecture.


More about BODEGA

Climate change also affects oenology and traditional wine production methods are undergoing a rapid transformation process. This project puts the technological and scientific knowledge associated with architecture at the disposal of oenologists. It aims to recover the value of materials that have traditionally been used in the preparation of wine (ceramics, wood, glass, etc.) in order to promote a wider use of these materials but from a different perspective: the perspective that comes from new scientific knowledge.

The study focuses on aspects such as vineyard landscapes, wine cellars and their rural environment, the process of wine-making (harvest, fermentation, maturing, coupage and aging), as well as the design of production sites and spaces for wine-tasting. The next stage of the project involves building a wine-tasting area, which will be located in the Finca Mas Rodó, in the Penedes region.