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DCON, winning project of Valencialab’s ‘Ideas+Innovadoras’

Florida Universitaria has awarded prizes for the best ideas through the ‘Ideas+Innovadoras’ competition held at Valencialab in collaboration with Banco Foundation, the Valencia Business Confederation (VBC) and the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Valencia (AYEV). The aim of this competition is to promote talent and innovation amongst young people, as well as making them more aware of their abilities and opportunities for them to carry out their own projects.

The winning project of this edition is DCON, a detection system for resistance welding processes and arc welding, which can convert any metallic item into a durable detector. Its creator, Vicente Gómez, ensures us that “being awarded this prize is a great boost to my motivation to continuing with this idea, which thanks to Ideas+Innovadoras has turned my idea into an exciting and real possibility”.

It is a project which is designed for the automobile sector, one of the most demanding technologies in the current industrial sector, specifically, for the body welding sector. DCON means it is possible to ensure detection throughout the entire welding process, as it is not affected by the glitches that occur which tend to deteriorate current technologies. The project is current in the redesign stage for mass production, costs reduction and its subsequent marketing.



A competition which lends support to ideas

Through Ideas+Innovadoras young people are motivated to generate a bank of innovative ideas, strengthening the creation and development of new businesses. Furthermore, the winner receives a scholarship for the Master’s Degree in Innovation and the Development of Business Projects at Florida Universitaria.

In addition to the DCON project, other innovative ideas also reached the final stage, such as WOMANWISHES, a platform for products and services for women; BEACONS, informative beacons where companies can submit information through a mobile device; CHIEF, a website platform which allows the user to share, monitor and control their diet; INFLUFITNESS, a website which connects influential people on Instagram who are in the fitness industry with persons who are looking for a personal online assessment; LUCECITA LDV, light designs; M3Di, 3D printing of medical mannequins.