Science, art and innovation connection pillars in the 4th edition of ConectARTE

The Banco Sabadell Foundation has brought together cultural entities from all over Spain to share approaches and reflect, through various debates and conversations, on the necessary relationship between science, art and innovation. The aim of this conference is to offer a space for opportunities and exchanges between the different entities with which the Foundation collaborates to promote cultural projects and talent programs.

This fourth edition has been held within the framework of SónarCCCB, the international congress that explores how creativity modifies our present and imagines new futures. Mónica Rikic, Valerio Rocco, Imma Aguilar and Anna Díaz have participated in the different conversations of the day.

Monica Rikic, electronic artist, creative programmer and National Prize of Culture 2021, has reflected on alternative technology and the creative possibilities of machines.
Anna Díaz, director and visual artist, has shared her experience in the Barcelona studio Hamill Industries and we have been able to learn how they extract visual poetry from DIY systems that combine state-of-the-art software with vintage machines and mechanical inventions.

Finally, Valerio Rocco, director of the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, and Imma Aguilar, director of the FECYT (Spanish Federation of Science and Technology) have talked about the necessary conjunction between science and humanities. “The greatest innovation today goes through a creative interdisciplinarity, and in all these instances it is necessary to act to achieve it”, reflects Valerio. Imma Aguilar has highlighted that “Humanism should consider technology as an assistant to the human, and not the other way around.”

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