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The call for applications opens for the 8th edition of B-Value: 80% of the programme’s finalist social entities are still running today

B-Value is the programme that promotes transformation of the social sector through innovation. Aimed at leaders in the third sector who work in non-profit organisations based in Spain, the programme, now in its 8th edition,  seeks to help develop projects from a strategic perspective, design new income generation models, elevate value propositions and move away from traditional philanthropic models. If you form part of a third sector project, you have until 18 February to submit your application.

The programme is promoted by the Fundación Ship2B and the Banco Sabadell Foundation and is co-promoted by the Fundación Juan Entrecanales de Azcárate. It also has the support of Sabadell Seguros, PWC, After, Fundación ONCE and the Fundación Joaquim Molins Figueras as strategic partners, as well as the Fundación Hazloposible, Salto con Red, the Asociación Española de Fundaciones, Fundación Lealtad and the Coordinadora Catalana de Fundaciones as collaborating entities.

In the last edition, 93% of participants at the first stage, which involves the participation of 40 selected entities, felt it had surpassed their expectations and 98% of them would recommend the programme, highlighting the fact that the ecosystem created by the programme “is an ideal place to grow, listen and learn.”

Furthermore, the entities had the opportunity to take a look at their projects from another angle with the help of 40 volunteer professional mentors from Banco Sabadell through various reflection activities. According to the participants, these mentoring sessions with our corporate volunteers are rated 9.6 out of 10 in terms of value contribution.

In the second phase, which includes the finalists, the main event is the Bootcamp, which offers more than 45 training hours through workshops and experiences. In its seventh edition, B-Value’s Bootcamp mobilised around 115 people, including 25 speakers and 56 expert mentors. The 10 finalist entities rated their experience at B-Value’s Bootcamp 10 out of 10, and all of them would recommend the programme.

Find out what the finalists of the last edition thought of it:

Seven editions helping entities to transform and promote their value proposition

Since B-Value started in 2017, we have helped a total of 284 social entities with their transformation to more innovative and self-sustainable models. According to a study carried out by the promoting entities, 80% of finalists’ projects are still up and running and, on average, after one year in the programme, the  accelerated projects have multiplied their income by 3.5 times and have quintupled the number of beneficiaries served.

In addition, following the seventh edition, B-Value has distributed more than one million euros of financial support and pro-bono awards since 2017. “We really believe that the support provided over almost one year, together with the financial aid or pro-bono awards contributed at the end of the year, strengthens the projects and takes them to the next level”, states Cristina San Salvador, Director of Venture Philanthropy and Expansion at Ship2B Foundation. “Now that the programme is a benchmark after 7 editions, we can hopefully attract more funds and support more participating projects or increase the amounts awarded, to achieve greater depth and scope”, she adds.

In each edition of the programme, more than 160 professionals work with the entities for several months, delivering face-to-face and online training and specialist mentoring.Having access to the human capital of experts from different disciplines and, specifically, the 40 volunteer professional mentors from Banco Sabadell who each year dedicate some of their own time to helping social entities that participate in B-Value, has intangible value, both for the entities that receive mentoring assistance from expert professionals and for the volunteers themselves, because of the emotional value involved in taking part in a project with a social impact .” explains Sonia Mulero, Director of the Banco Sabadell Foundation.