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Banco Sabadell’s Support Plan for social entities comes to an end

After three months, the Support Plan put into motion by the Banco Sabadell Foundation to offer the bank human capital to support and mentor third sector entities is coming to an end. 20 Banco Sabadell employees specialising in different fields have mentored social entities who needed financial, marketing and communication assistance. “I believe that it can be useful for third sector entities with ongoing difficulties to have a third party that can proactively listen to them and act as an outlet for them” Esther Catà, Banco Sabadell Legal Advice Team. “I would rate it 10 out of 10. It has been an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience”, Nemesio Enatarriaga, Banco Sabadell Branch Manager, Madrid. “It has been rewarding, because it has been really amazing to meet people who are concerned with the Third Sector”, María Teresa Bosqued, Banco Sabadell Branch Manager, Barcelona.

The entities receiving the assistance also had a lot of praise for the Support Plan: “We are incredibly grateful for the help we received”, “It has been wonderful to work with such motivated, enthusiastic and focused people. Thank you for giving us this opportunity”, “We think the Support Plan is a 10 out of 10.” “We are really happy with all the help our mentor has given us, she has consistently offered high-quality feedback and her input has been incredibly valuable”. Over the past few months, the Bank’s employees have held a weekly one-hour follow-up meeting with entities focusing on multiple sclerosis, learning difficulties, social and educational areas, biomedical research, people at risk of social exclusion and healthcare.