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Launch of the Tenth International Architecture and Landscaping Workshop

Until August 18th, Espai Barberí de Olot in Girona will be hosting the Tenth International Architecture and Landscaping Workshop organised by RCR Arquitectes and the RCR Bunka Foundation. This course is intended for architects, designers and students and focuses on giving participants an opportunity to directly experience the area in which the RCR Arquitectes’ buildings are located, in order to understand its relationship with the location and the environment and to share and convey a particular attitude to life, architecture and creativity.

The workshop is divided into different activities, including:

Creative workshop, aimed at developing communication skills. The workshop includes internal conferences and weekly remediation activities with RCR Arquitectes.

Open schedule, an exhibition, a cycle of conferences and parallel activities that are open to the public.

Visits to buildings built by RCR Arquitectes.