Agenda for the weekend of 8 July: three cultural events in Alicante, Barcelona and Valencia

In Barcelona, the Miró Foundation is holding the Rosana Antolí exhibition, as part of its exhibition program ‘When lines are time’. It is a project dedicated to the work of young artists. The works shown by Antolí move across a wide spectrum between choreography and drawing, between action and waiting, between daily life and key issues. The artist focuses on social behaviours, groups, the community and persons, along with all their fears and emotions.


Other cultural events this weekend include the last concerts of the Serenates festival in Valencia, held at the University’s historical building. Today, Friday (21:30) see a concert by Tornejants and Muixeranga de Algemesí; tomorrow, Saturday (21:30), Urbalia Rurana are playing and on Sunday (21:30), there is a concert by the symphonic group Joven Banda Sinfónica of FSMCV, with flamenco singer Pep el Butifarra.


Lastly, in Sax (Alicante), you can visit the exhibition ‘Luz de Roma’ (Light of Rome), where you can see changes in the utility, design and decoration of Roman lanterns, small objects that changed thoughout the centuries of Roman rule.