Schedule for the weekend of 7th April: music, photobooks and art

This weekend we have a series of cultural recommendations in Barcelona and Valencia. For example, today, Friday, why not go and see a concert brought to you by Sampler Sèries, the new musical festival, with the Catalonia College of Music (ESMUC), which present ‘American Music’, a concert of American music led by the contemporary music ensemble from ESMUC.

You can also visit the new headquarters of the Foto Colectania Foundation , which is the venue of the ‘Photobook Phenomenon’ exhibition, which focuses on contemporary visual culture through the role of the photobook and printed photographs, with examples from different eras throughout history, from Ródchencko, William Klein and Robert Frank to work by Laia Abril and Vivian Sassen.


Also in Barcelona, at the Joan Miró Foundation you can see the ‘Self-organisation’ project, which reflects on contemporary art and the concept of DIY (do it yourself), and the Espai 13 brings you the new intervention by artist Eva Fábregas, which takes us into the world of material culture through an immersive, all-enveloping installation that explores the production of feelings and subjectivity in relation to consumer objects.

Lastly, in Valencia, at the IVAM we recommend visiting the exhibition ‘Lost in the city’, with close to 300 works of art (paintings, sculptures, photographs and artist’s videos which reflect on human life in various cities throughout the world.