Schedule for the weekend of 6th January: art, photography and theatre

In Valencia, see ‘Perdidos en la ciudad’ (‘Lost in the City’) at the IVAM, an exhibition with close to 300 works of art (paintings, sculptures, photographs and artist’s videos) which offer you views of different cities throughout the world from different perspectives.

Also in Valencia, you can visit, until January 15th, ‘Guardianes de piedra’ (‘Stone Guardians’) by MARQ at the exhibition hall San Juan de Dios of the Archaeology Museum of Orihuela. This is a travelling exhibition that invites you to move through the province of Alicante in search of stone guardians, looking for impressive and impactful monuments that tell tales of historic figures and past trials and tribulations.

This is the last weekend to see the exhibition ‘Every Object is a Temporal Space’ (by artist Nicolás Lamas, open until Sunday 8th January, at Espai 13 of the Joan Miró Foundation, an exhibition which unties the strings binding material reality, images and virtuality, bringing together 15 sculptures, photographs and videos in which culture and nature unite, as does physical matter, digital information and reality.


And in Sabadell, Saturday 7th January is the opening night of the play ‘Fortuna, Fortuna’ by Eduardo Filipo at the Teatro del Sol, a comedy which portrays neorealism during the 40s in post-war Italy, where characters piece together a tale in which fortune is spelt with a capital ‘F’.