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Schedule for weekend of 13th January: contemporary art, theatre and photography

This weekend, La Kompanyia Lliure is holding the opening night of its new play, ‘Moby Dick, un viaje por el teatro’ (Moby Dick, a journey through theatre) at the Teatre Lliure in Montjuic, Barcelona. Until 12th February, you will have the chance to see this play about the white whale imagined by North American writer Herman Melville. A perfect play for all the family, recommended for children between the ages of 6 and 12.


Another cultural recommendation for this weekend is the exhibition ‘MACBA Collection 31’ in the Barcelona Museum for Contemporary Art. This exhibition has a total of 85 works of art by 50 international artists who reflect on the relationship of art with itself and its potential for questioning reality. This exhibition is open until June 2017.


Foto: La FotogràficaAnd in Valencia, you can visit the exhibition ‘Perdidos en la ciudad’ (Lost in the city) at the IVAM, an exhibition with close to 300 works of art (paintings, sculptures, photographs and artist’s videos) through which you can see different cities throughout the world from various different perspectives.