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500 youths will be trekking to support social integration in the Transpirenaica Social Solidaria

The 6th edition of the Transpirenaica Social Solidaria is starting. The Transpirenaica is an educational project which aims to raise awareness of social integration. Over 500 young people and 200 corporate volunteers will trek across the Pyrenees, walking 800km in 42 days between June 16th and July 27th, going from Cabo de Higuer (Basque Country) to Cap de Creus (Catalonia). The values learned during this trek will help to create synergies between all participants, favouring social cohesion between everyone.

The Transpirenaica has been taking place for over 5 years, bringing together young people, social entities, companies and institutions, and encouraging social integration while fostering young people’s talent on the mountaintops. During the 42 days of their journey, participants will be walking alongside corporate and business volunteers with diverse profiles from a number of different sectors, such as Banco Sabadell.

This experience allows young people, educators, professionals and firms to open their eyes to different realities and develop values like companionship, self-improvement, effort, teamwork and leadership, while sharing a truly unforgettable experience. Although the full trek takes 42 days, only a small group will complete the full distance. Most of the youths and volunteers taking part will enjoy one full week of trekking while others will walk for two, three or four days.