2016 supporting and promoting culture…

Exhibitions, festivals, seminars…culture is one of the pillars of the Foundation, and an example of this are the collaborations and proposals that we have been involved in to support cultural activities and bring them closer to all types of audiences…

We remember some of the cultural highlights, which have been present in the Foundation’s daily work:

See and understand photojournalism‘, World Press Photo, the most important photojournalism competition in the world has come to Barcelona and Madrid thanks to the collaboration of Banco Sabadell Foundation. It consists of 155 images that show the events which have occurred during the last year: the refugee crisis and their exodus throughout Europe, the earthquake in Nepal, the terrorist attack against French magazine Charlie Hebdo…

03_© Matic Zorman - Waiting to Register

03_© Matic Zorman – Waiting to Register

The III edition of the Sampler Series in Barcelona kicks off , the festival of new music. From October 27th 2016 until June 18th 2017 you can experience, first hand, the avant-garde proposals presented at this festival, primarily through improvisation.. Banco Sabadell Foundation is collaborating with this festival for another consecutive year, with the aim of supporting and promoting the emerging talent of the youngest artists.


Hay Festival Segovia, the festival of ideas and culture, brings together 96 projects in the forms of discussions, debates, concerts and visual art exhibitions. In this edition, authors and the public interact through a series of activities, such as readings, talks, round table discussions and literary workshops held in 12 Segovian headquarters. The Alhóndiga, the Jardín Romeral de San Marcos, IE University, the Plaza de San Martín, the Church of San Nicolás, the Chapel of the Esteban Vicente Museum of Contemporary Art, the Quintanar Palace, the Huerta de Félix Ortiz and the Cárcel Cinemateca, amongst many others.


Reflect upon the role the role of the photographer in today’s society, through the exhibition “I wanted to be a photographer” by Foto Colectania, co-produced by Banco Sabadell Foundation. It gathers 11 contemporary projects which invite us to reflect upon the role of the photographer in today’s society, through questions such as “where is the line between ownership and creation?” At which point in time can we say that a photograph is original?

Mishka Henner, de la serie Less Americains, 2013 © Mishka Henner, cortesía Bruce Silverstein Gallery, NY

Mishka Henner, de la serie Less Americains, 2013 © Mishka Henner, cortesía Bruce Silverstein Gallery, NY

Contemporary art takes over Barcelona with the Swab and the Gallery Weekend, the Foundation collaborates with the Swab IN/OUT programme, which includes the participation of a selection of young emerging artists , and the Banco Sabadell Foundation Prize for the best Contemporary Art Gallery is also awarded.


Cycle of exhibitions at Espai 13 with young, talented persons, the Joan Miró Foundation hosts the new cycle of exhibitions ‘One foot out. Expeditions and Diasporas’ in Espai 13 until September 2017, with the collaboration of Banco Sabadell Foundation, with the aim of creating an analytical view of the work of up to six young artists who have worked on the diaspora.