#ConLaCultura – Closing ceremony of ‘Año Murillo’ in Seville, and project by Cèl·lula and Mercat de les Flors

‘Saltar el mundo. Síntesis escénica de un año’

On Tuesday 19th, the Maestranza Theatre in Seville will be holding the closing ceremony of ‘Año Murillo’ with the performance ‘Saltar el mundo. Síntesis escénica de un año’. The performance is theatrical representation that brings together artists from a range of disciplines and styles in a single space for an event which reflects upon and synthesises the cross-cutting nature of the proposals selected to celebrate talent in Seville. It is a cathartic experience which draws the boundaries between traditional and avant-garde in a city which has changed its understanding of arts in just one year.

‘Flamingos’, the first performance of the Cèl·lula project

From 21 to 24 March, Albert Quesada presents ‘Flamingos’, an investigation into the world of flamenco and its complexity which seeks to locate the original source of the movement. The singer/choreographer wants to discover the driver of flamenco and transfer it to other bodies and types of music to generate a brand new sensation.

CÈL·LULA is a flexible structure for the creation, continuous transmission and development of dance. It invites and brings together choreographers and musicians and aims to provide and generate medium to large-scale creations.