The government and administration of the Foundation correspond to the Board of Trustees, which is the body that governs, administers and oversees the fulfillment of the foundational purposes.

The day-to-day management of the Foundation falls within the management team formed by the personnel at the service of the Foundation in charge of developing the processes necessary to carry it out.

Management Team

Sonia Mulero Monroy
Inma Ángel Ruiz
Regulatory Compliance and Management Control
Director: Emilia Garcia Sánchez
Technician: Mireia Fernández Centelles
General services: Verònica Garcia Rincón
Projects & External Relations
Director: Victoria García Córdoba
Projects: Judit Vicente Guiu
External Relations: Cecilia Milá De Rosa
Communications: Cristina Vilà Salvat
Community Builder: Mohamed El Amrani