UNDER 35 and the ÒH!PERA project

The Gran Teatre del Liceu aims to develop and maintain a stable seasonal artistic programme focused mainly on the opera genre, but supplemented with an offer of concerts, recitals and dance and a programme for kids.

  • It also seeks to promote and implement all those initiatives that foster and invigorate culture, and more specifically opera, as well as contribute to the financing of objectives and the organisation of a stable seasonal programme. With the aim of promoting culture and appealing to a younger audience, the Liceo develops the UNDER 35 programme aimed at under 35s, as well as the ÒH!PERA project. Microóperas de nueva creación. This innovative initiative promotes the arts, music and creative talent through the cross-cutting work between young people of various creative disciplines that meet to exchange skills and gain knowledge in a real environment to perform a new opera in short format. Composers, stage managers, students of design schools, lyricists, instrumentalists, singers, etc. meet to put on stage new topics and new visual proposals in an experimental venue that the Liceo opens to the new creators of the future for them to take risks, create, succeed and collaborate.