Horagai, the proposal of La Selva, Ecosistema creatiu, is a film training project aimed at young people aged 16 to 20 who have been taken in by the Area for the Support of Young People under Guardianship and Former Guardianship (ASJTET), which bases its methodology in experimentation in filmmaking and socio-educational support with the objectives of promoting the destigmatisation of young people in care, providing them with a support ecosystem so they can achieve autonomy, social inclusion and active and participatory citizenship, and giving them tools to improve cross-cutting skills.

  • Through the proposed programme, young people learn and gain practical experience in audiovisual technique and creation by exploring all film creation processes. The programme ends with the production of 2 to 3 group short films produced by them. The short films are then showcased in various venues, becoming artistic pieces in themselves with huge potential to bring awareness to the general public.