17th Banco Sabadell Foundation Award for Biomedical Research

We highlight the work of young researchers in the field of biomedical science through one of the most important accolades in Spain’s biomedical industry.

  • The Jury selected Dr María Mittelbrunn, holder of a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the Autonomous University of Madrid, as the award winner. She is a tenured scientist at the CSIC and lead researcher with the “Immunometabolism and Inflammation” laboratory at the Severo Ochoa Centre for Molecular Biology (CSIC-UAM) where she researches the contribution of immune cells to age-related diseases. She received the award for her research on the key role of the immune system in the control of organ and tissue ageing. Specifically, she demonstrated the early ageing of the entire body as a result of an alteration in cellular immunity.