Improving education through culture

‘A Tempo – Arts i Formació’ is a project designed to create and promote spaces where people from the educational sector and the cultural sector can come together and interact with each other.

  • It puts an end to the idea that education and culture are two entirely separate areas. To achieve this, the project promotes exchanges between students, teachers and professionals in performing arts in order to create spaces where students can enjoy new cultural experiences and see what the world of theatre is like first-hand.
  • The ‘A Tempo’ training projects are also aimed at professionals in the world of education, and they offer various courses and seminars designed to promote the teaching of art in educational establishments.
  • “Artes para educar en la incertidumbre” (‘Art to educate in times of uncertainty’), designed to reflect on the lessons learnt during lockdown that have become a priority for any transformative educational project.