4th Banco Sabadell Foundation Award for Science and Engineering

The Banco Sabadell Foundation has given out its 4th Award for Science and Engineering, in collaboration with BIST (Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology), in order to reaffirm the recognition of young researchers resident in Spain specialising in fields such as mathematics, chemistry, physics and engineering.

  • Award for successful career with a view to fostering, discovering and supporting talent.
  • Dr Nanda Rea was awarded for her contribution to the field of astrophysics. Her research focuses on the study of neutron stars with extremely strong magnetic fields called magnetars, which are a particular type of pulsar.

“This type of award is extremely important, as it helps make people aware of young scientists’ research and, in my case, it also helps give visibility to the importance of women in the world of science, so that this can start to become the norm among young people”

Dr Nanda Rea, 4th Banco Sabadell Award for Science and Engineering.