I ANFACO & Banco Sabadell Foundation Design Award

The Foundation awarded the 1st ANFACO & Banco Sabadell Foundation Design Award to recognise and promote creative talent among young designers and to give them an opportunity to showcase their work.

  • The best designs for a commemorative poster to celebrate 115 years of ANFACO-CECOPESCA, based on the slogan “CATA LA LATA” (‘taste the tin’) were selected and subsequently displayed at the ANFACO museum in 2019.

“I think it is a wonderful professional acknowledgement and seeing your work valued in this way is very motivating. It is important to foster the talent of young people in institutions that are able to help them kick-start their professional careers. Sadly I think this is the opposite of what tends to happen in the design industry, where young people are often taken advantage of and they do not get the reward or recognition that they deserve for their work”

Javier Fernández, Ist ANFACO & Banco Sabadell Foundation Design Award.