#Demos2018, second event for foundations and civil society groups

The Spanish Association of Foundations (SAF) has organised this second event, which brought together more than 800 persons looking for solutions which make our world better. Furthermore, more than 80 experts from sectors such as technology, education, science, sports or philanthropy participated, to share their knowledge of how to overcome current challenges and “activate” the general public.

  • More than 40 activities to participate in: talks, meditation, work groups, basket beat, immersive experiences, debates, theatre and music.
  • Meeting point to inspire, share and promote new focuses and projects which respond to society’s current needs.
  • ‘Yo puedo cambiar el mundo’, the round table discussion moderated by the Foundation showed the best of our society through the talent, commitment and leadership of three young innovators: Xavier Verdaguer from Imagine, Damià Tormo from Fondo Columbus VP, and Álex Gomar, from HEMAV.