Talent and Culture

Supporting talent and promoting culture is the strategic centre of the activity carried out by Banco Sabadell Foundation. Our commitment to these areas has consolidated and continued to grow since 2016. Our commitment has been sealed through our support and collaboration with different entities who promote projects of this nature. A wide range of people benefit from these projects, which are an excellent opportunity to develop their talent in many different ways: gaining recognition in national or international circuits, being trained by experts, becoming inspired and motivated through conferences or joining the world of work, amongst others.

Exploration and continuity have been the vectors on which our performance has pivoted during this year

For this reason, we do not believe in culture without talent or talent without culture. Knowledge and talent are the foundations of progress in society. They are both pools of knowledge which feed each other and drive social progression. This is clear through our commitment to talented people under 40, through granting scholarships and awards.

From this perspective, the projects and collaborations which we have supported during 2016 have been characterised by their excellence, efficiency, determination and our close relationship with the entities and the beneficiaries. Discovery and continuity have been the vectors upon which we have built our actions during 2016. Discovery with regard to our support for differential projects that seek to contribute to social progress, which are aligned with our commitment to transformation and our ability to adapt to change and to the future. Continuity with regard to our collaboration with entities who are developing sound, long-term projects, and who have a strong and consolidated relationship with the Foundation.

This Report is a useful tool that serves to know the projects promoted by the Foundation

We believe that this combination is a successful formula to guaranteeing that we will overcome future challenges, whilst we enjoy the successes we have achieved to date.

Definitively, this report aims to be a useful source of information so that the reader can gain an insight into the projects led by Banco Sabadell Foundation, the entities with which it collaborates and the persons who benefit from these collaborations.